About Core Performance

Fitness and travel go hand in hand. So Sheraton has partnered with Core Performance. Together, were providing you with the tools and information you need to perform at a high level - no matter where your travels take you.

Look for breakthrough training programs from Core Performance, just for our guests in the fitness centers. But that's just the beginning. In the coming months, you'll find dining options for better nutritional choices; exercises and training equipment you can use right in your room; Video On Demand with informational programming; and Core Performance tips that go way beyond your stay.

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  • The know-how you need for an active lifestyle centers on Core Performance's four main ideas.
  • Mindset: Reflecting and focusing thoughts to create a performance mindset.
  • Nutrition: Optimizing performance through mobility, stability and balance.
  • Movement: Properly fueling and hydrating to sustain peak performance levels.
  • Recovery: Recharging mind and body to perform at your best throughout the day.

Training Programs

Travelers have different needs. That's why we've created time-efficient training programs
to better fit with your busy travel schedule.

Workout Description Duration
A heart-pumping way to feel great.
20 minutes Download
Relax, Recover, Regenerate
Melt away aches and pains in no time.
30 minutes Download
Power Boost
Put that spring back in your step.
20 minutes Download
Travel Recovery
A perfect remedy for a long travel day.
30 minutes Download

Fitness Centers

Staying fit while traveling can be difficult, but with our first-class fitness center at participating hotels we want to make sure that you feel great wherever you go.

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Life Tips

  • Mindset
  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Recovery

Sheraton FIT Meetings

Meeting attendees of Sheraton Hotels and Resorts can now share their best by being mentally and physically prepared while on the road. FIT Meetings aren’t about breaking a sweat but about increasing energy and performance. We’ll provide access to tips, fitness tools and healthy options during the meeting – how much or little the attendees participate is up to them.

FIT Meeting attendees will receive:

  • Healthy meals and snacks
  • Optional group workouts and breaks designed to recharge
  • Tips to stay energized and alert
  • Tools and tricks to promote sleep and recovery

FIT Meetings were created in collaboration with Core Performance based on the integrated approach to training used at their Athletes’ Performance facilities, the premier and preferred place for elite athletes to train. The Core Performance methodology focuses on four main ideas– Mindset (prepare for it), Nutrition (fuel for it), Movement (train for it), and Recovery (rest for it).

FIT Meetings are available at select properties.



  • Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers

    811 7th Ave,
    New York, NY 10019

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  • Sheraton Waikiki

    2255 Kalakaua Ave,
    Honolulu, HI

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  • Sheraton Seattle Hotel & Towers

    1400 6th Ave,
    Seattle, WA

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  • Sheraton Grand Sacramento

    1230 J St,
    Sacramento, CA 95814

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  • Sheraton Denver Downtown

    1550 Court Place,
    Denver, Colorado 80202

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  • Sheraton Dallas

    400 North Olive Street,
    Dallas, Texas 75201

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  • Sheraton Oklahoma City

    1 North Broadway Avenue,
    Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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  • Sheraton Arlington

    1500 Convention Center Drive,
    Arlington,Texas 76011

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  • Sheraton Phoenix Downtown

    340 North 3rd Street, Phoenix,
    AZ 85004

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Sheraton FIT Meetings


Mindset. Prepare for it

Start preparing for your FIT Meeting long before it starts. Business meetings can mean long days and minimal time for sleep, healthy meals and workouts. However; it’s important to understand that lasting change doesn’t happen over night, over a weekend or over a long business trip.

Mentally and physically planning for a trip before you get there can be a time and sanity saver once you arrive.

Set realistic goals

Before your trip begins set specific and manageable goals or even one single goal to maintain your health during your travels. For instance, instead of "I'm going to lose weight this trip," aim for something like "I'm going to squeeze in at least two fifteen-minute workouts."

Plan, Pack, Play

Remember to pack simple items like running shoes, exercise clothes, a bathing suit, or a Frisbee to help you stay active while on the road.

Water Yourself

When you fly, drinking a half–liter of water every hour can help reduce jetlag. Once you land, spend 15 minutes doing a light activity like going for a walk or exploring the area.

Sheraton FIT Meetings


Nutrition. Fuel for it

Life runs better with planning. The same goes for nutrition. And when you plan, you will make healthier choices, become less likely to skip meals, and eat more of what your body really needs.

Our guests tell us that they don't have time to eat healthy during their travels, so Sheraton has worked with Core Performance to develop great-tasting solutions to help you stay energized during your stay. During your FIT Meeting we'll provide healthy recommendations for your meals and breaks. View sample meeting menu selections >

Pre– and post–meeting meals

Whether you're eating at the hotel or off property, the experts at Core Performance recommend filling up on high-fiber, high-color meals with a lean protein and healthy fat source.

Before and after your workout

No matter when you work out, its best to eat before and after to stay sharp mentally and physically. Aim for 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein and make sure to keep your calories low. Some good snack ideas include pita and hummus; peanut butter and toast; or an English muffin and almond butter.

The 80/20 rule

"Perfect" diets do not exist. Plan for 80% of your food to be good fuel for your body. The other 20% can be for the reasons we all love to eat special dinners, happy hours or small desserts. Go ahead and feel good about what you eat.


Meeting food can often be associated with decreased energy or high-calories and fat. At Sheraton, we took the time to work with experts at Core Performance to create light, healthy and tasty menu options for our meeting attendees. While each property’s menu will vary, here’s an example of a few of our meeting break snack options:

Fruit on a Stick

Mango - pomegranate chili glace, kiwi - grenadine essence
Pineapple - concord grape syrup, strawberry - chocolate sauce

Finish Your Own Smoothie

Banana - strawberry or blueberry smoothie finished with choice of mint, blueberry, raspberry, vanilla or citrus essence

Baked Sweet Potato Wedge

On corn chips, choice of lemon artichoke dipping sauce, onion mustard and low fat herb peppercorn ranch

Build Our Own Warm Nuts & Dried Fruit Track

Almonds, pecan, walnuts, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, apricots, apples, prunes, pears, cranberries

Sheraton FIT Meetings


Movement. Train for it

Effective movement is the key to staying alert and energized during a day of meetings. FIT Meetings provides you with tips and tools to build activity into what can often be a sedentary day.

Power Plate® breaks

With Fit Meetings you'll have the chance to recharge during breaks without changing clothes. Sheraton has partnered with Power Plate, the next generation in fitness technology, to provide an innovative, full-body workout for guests of all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. Sheraton FIT Meetings Ambassadors will lead attendees through a Power Plate recharging workout.

Power in numbers

You'll have the chance to strengthen your muscles and your team relationships by incorporating an optional group workout in to your FIT Meeting. A trainer will take attendees through an exercise routine pre-selected by your meeting planner. Each property has a different selection of workouts but a few examples include: yoga or stretching classes, runs/walks or cardio classes.

Sheraton Fitness center

As part of our recent $6 billion revitalization, we've introduced Sheraton Fitness programmed by Core Performance which includes new fitness centers, state-of-the-art equipment, and suggested workouts to maintain your peak while you travel.
Download workouts >

Sheraton FIT Meetings


Recover. Rest for it:

Rest is often the most neglected fundamental for most travelers. Rest includes sleep patterns, rejuvenation and recovery techniques to keep the body energized throughout the FIT Meeting.

A little hot, a little cold

A contrast shower is perfect for a quick recharge. Start with warm water for one minute, then switch to cold water for one minute and repeat three to four times. The alternating temperatures will give you a kickstart for the rest of the day.

Tennis Ball Recharge

Sheraton will provide you with the Tennis Ball Recharge which includes a movement guidebook and tennis ball to use during your FIT Meeting or traveling home. Give yourself a nice massage by rolling the ball under your feet or on your calves and legs. Even a simple hand squeeze of the ball can increase circulation, stimulate your nervous system and release tension throughout your body.

Sweet dreaming

Every Sheraton room is furnished with our signature Sweet Sleeper™ Bed and blackout curtains to ensure you sleep soundly.

Color Your Plate

Brighten your diet with Color Your Plate™, a simple approach to eating right by adding colorful foods to meals.

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Travel Workouts

Download special timed workouts that better fit with your travel schedule.

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Life Tips From The Pros

Elevators are nice, but taking the stairs is better for you.

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Get 3 Weeks of Personalized Training

Go to and enter CP-Sheraton for a free personalized training program.

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